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This is an image assisted sketch-based modeling system. The user can start with an image of the model and provide important strokes of the object by simply drawing on the image. Then system creates a 3D model using the given strokes. In addition, the appropriate portions of the image are used as the texture for the model. Some modeling actions (e.g. make a hole, or add on-demand details) are supported through annotated strokes using a red pen.


The underlying 3D models are feature-sensitive subdivision surfaces with controllable details. Creating detailed digital content is a major task in industries such as Game, Film and CAD, and requires well-constructed, high quality geometric models. However, even with sophisticated software packages, geometric modeling is still a challenging, tedious and time consuming task. Using this modeling tool complex models can be created in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

GRSketch won, Digital Alberta Award in 2013.